Word of the Day 每日一字

A mural is a large painting on a wall. 壁畫是指牆壁上大型的圖畫。

Look at the colorful mural on the wall. It's so pretty. 你看牆上五顏六色的壁畫,真是漂亮啊!

Jump rope is a good way to stay active and healthy. 跳繩是保持活躍與健康的好方式。

The students enjoy playing jump rope at recess. 同學們喜歡在下課時間跳繩。

In Taiwan, all schools have professional development sessions for teachers. 台灣所有學校都有老師專業進修的課程。

Teachers learn new skills and strategies during their professional development sessions. 老師在專業進修課程中學習新技能與教學策略。

Making tea is a common way to greet guests in Taiwan. 


The host is making tea for everyone.  


The students are writing in their workbooks. 學生們正在寫習作本。

The teacher is checking the students' workbooks.老師正在改學生的習作本。

The teacher shows his students how to do sit-ups.老師向他的學生展示如何做仰臥起坐。

The students do sit-ups for their PE test.學生們為體育考試做仰臥起坐。

The student carries an umbrella to stay dry in the rain.學生撐著雨傘得以雨中保持乾燥。

The teachers need an umbrella because it's raining. 老師們需要一把雨傘,因為正在下雨。